Oldham Seals Ltd have been involved in testing our products to a diverse number of customer specifications and requirements. 

We have a fully equipped test facility in which we can carry out a number of tests:

  • Fire testing
  • Accelerated/standard endurance testing
  • Vacuum tests
  • Pressure tests
  • Pressure pulsing combined with flexibility and deflection tests

For material tests Oldham Seals Ltd, being a member of RAPRA, has access to a wide range of third party test facilities who can carry out independent tests for materials such as ageing, fluid resistance, smoke and toxicity generation.

Fire testing can be conducted on high pressure and low pressure assemblies.

Oldham Seals Ltd have successfully tested a 1" 2 wire braid hose with integral fire protection in accordance with BS3G100 (1100 degrees C) working pressure 138 bar 2000 psi vibration ± 1.5 mm @ 3000 cpm.  This hose lasted for six hours at which point it was burst at 800 bar 11,600 psi.